In every business this is where the magic happens.

As much as we like to think as business owners that our business is running at the register and in our bank accounts, really all of the biggest ideas and innovations of a business happen right at the key employees’ work spaces and desks and now makerspaces.

There is innovation after innovation that has been created not in a board room or through sales, but instead by a diligent effort of tireless employees drafting a concept, creating prototypes and finally presenting their creations to a team who can then help them promote this new idea to the business team, investors or in the best case scenario right to the consumers. Some of the most impressive work space creations include the microchip by Jack Kilby (well and the Intel people, but they didn’t have a prototype), The modern day usage of the economizer and improved rotor technologies for small to large HVAC units including heat pumps and Air Conditioning compressors by David Shaw, The industrialized use of A/C power and surrounding technologies by Nikola Tesla (and many, many other creations and innovations) and perhaps one of the greatest innovations of them all The Fundamental Orders, created in Connecticut by Thomas Hooker, John Haynes, and Roger Ludlow (this later became the framework for the actual American Constitution).

Without anyone of these innovations every person on earth would be living in a completely different society, experiencing significantly different lives. But each one of these concepts were created by highly innovative and business minded people who knew how to solve problems on paper at a desk and then translate those proofs into actual working examples or prototypes that would appeal to their immediate cohorts, their superiors and lastly, but quite possibly the most important of all the general consumer or citizen.

As the CEO of BNE Publishing Inc. I know that the most important part of my business is not the amount of money it can generate, but the amount of impact this company can have on the lives of the individual consumer. I could easily make a whole bunch of simple items that people need and use everyday like iPhone cases and then advertise this to a specific population of people with a low CPM and get the message out to millions of people who will indeed respond and buy these iPhone cases and my company would turn a tidy profit, but this sequence would not change the individual consumers life in the slightest, in fact they may not ever use the new iPhone case that they bought.

But its reasons like these that we at BNE value ideas not sales. Sales don’t run our company, sales don’t leave positive reviews and sales hardly impact or effect the day to day operations of an individuals life, but ideas do. Currently we are in the process of taking the brilliant idea of a Makerspace from Chattanooga, TN (Chattlab Makerspace) and adding this concept into our business model.

What does this mean? Well as an Art company this means we have separate spaces spread out throughout our compound for our artists to create, reinvent, develop into prototypes and finally create a finished product out of their art. In the next post I will share some images of the completed maker spaces here at our Brick and Mortar location in Coventry, CT, but to give you an idea:

Here is a list of the qualities and requirements for the Makerspaces of BNE Publishing.

Our Spaces Can:

  • Work with various mediums to develop virtually any product in any customization.
  • Create prototypes and test products to allow consumers to pick from a variety of styles or designs and allow the business to maximize production and consumer awareness of popular designs.
  • Offer artists infinite possibilities in how their art is displayed or sold.
  • Allow consumers to be a part of the design process.
  • Create ideas and concepts that can easily be translated into usable products.
  • Allow for a simplified mass production of basically any product we design.
  • Improve the ability of artists to coordinate with engineers, scientists and the general population in order to truly bring the art to life.
  • Find solutions to problems never before possible.
  • Improve the lives of the General Consumer.

Take a look around your business. Do your employees have anywhere to sit down, think and plan out the best way to accomplish the specific task assigned to them or are they constantly restricted to the same four walls and a window design that only inspires ideas they have already had?

Remember, its not only great machines that make great products, but great people too and people need the right tools for the right job. In today’s world of constantly shifting beliefs, preferences and needs; the tasks your employees are having to deal with are less and less able to be solved by the one size fits all solutions. Offices aren’t desks, walls and computers anymore, the time for conceptualizing was in the 90’s and its 2016!!! Now is the time to take those concepts and run as far with them as possibly by utilizing new printing, wood and metal working, paper and cloth sizing and various inks and medium technologies that allow businesses to take any concept any employee may have and make it into a usable item or product!

This can only happen with Makerspaces! Please share your thoughts and comments on this article and if you have a Makerspace at your business or studio, take a few pictures and show us what it looks like. Check back soon for pictures of our completed spaces (one of them has a 3d printer) and find out more about BNE at


Chief Executive Officer

Megan Eza

Mindy with Her art and Megan below.