Now Offering Videography Services!!!!

Megan Eza, The CEO of BNE Publishing has found that finding and filming News Events is a lot of fun. Videography also helps us keep the lights on. Megan has become one of the more popular Stringrs in New England and her Agent Stringr has posted a little about her here: Take a look and if you are so inclined grab a camera download the app and get out there and film. Feel free to message Megan with any questions she loves to help other Artists perfect their craft! Buy Videography hours here!

Call us for any video needs, Megan is happy to meet you at almost any location. Filming is typically performed on an IPhone (film quality up to 1360p, suggested film quality of 1080p.) 1 hour of filming for $60 for any assignment within 20 miles of BNE Publishing (Coventry, CT), please add $1 per mile for services outside this radius. If Available Megan is happy to film footage on demand. For most footage requests please provide 1-2 days notice if you are not a current client.

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